We provide comprehensive care for people of all ages including children and teens who seek answers about conditions and diseases of their skin, mucous membranes, hair, and nails.


We are also happy to welcome international patients in our clinic. Medical consultations are provided not only in Ukrainian and Russian, but also in English, Italian, and Polish.


We keep patient-centered care as the main focus and offer urgent same-day and next-day appointments. We care about your privacy and know that sexual health checking can be a sensitive and embarrassing situation for many people. That’s why we provide confidential and anonymous STD testing and treatment. HIV & hepatitis B/C rapid testing is also performed 100% anonymously at our clinic.


The laboratory department provides a wide variety of medical testing and screening services including general blood, urine, and fecal tests, endocrine function tests, Tzanck testing, standardized skin surface biopsy (Demodex detection), skin histopathology, microbiology culture tests, and many others.


Our dermatologists use different diagnostic techniques: diascopy, dermoscopy (including trichoscopy and onichoscopy), trichogram, Wood lamp examination, path testing, skin biopsy, etc. They can spot potential problems, diagnose and treat a multitude of conditions that range from minor to life-threatening in the fields of:


  • general dermatology (common chronic and acute dermatoses including eczema, psoriasis, skin infections, toxidermia, and bullous dermatoses);
  • dermatologic signs of systemic diseases (lupus, vasculitis);
  • oncodermatology (benign and malignant skin tumors: nevi (moles), melanomas, seborrheic and actinic keratoses, squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas, cutaneous lymphomas);
  • venereology (sexually transmitted infections including syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydial infection, trichomoniasis, genital herpes, genital warts);
  • pediatric dermatology (atopic eczema, diaper rash, molluscum contagiosum, hemangiomas, warts);
  • cosmetic dermatology (acne, rosacea, cosmetic injections);
  • trichology (hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp);
  • podology (nail dystrophy, nail fungus, Athlete’s foot, diabetic foot);
  • psychodermatology.

For skin conditions that are rare or complex, we hold a weekly concilium of our doctors and consultant with a Ph.D. degree in dermatology and venereology.


Patients can undergo different physiotherapeutic procedures at our clinic, namely: phototherapy, ozonetherapy, plasmapheresis, phonophoresis, magneto-laser therapy, and darsonvalization.


Our dermatologists can share with you some skincare tips, teach you preventative measures you can take to protect you and your family from serious skin diseases, caution you about hairstyles that can contribute to hair loss, and advise you about how to care for your nails and feet to prevent common conditions such as fungus.


Location: 1 Bahhovutivska Str., 04112, Kyiv” на “Location: 1 Bahhovutivska Str., 3rd corpus, 04112, Kyiv
Kyiv Regional Dermatological and Venereological Clinic
Working hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm.
Phone: +38 (098) 179 70 74, +38 (044) 483 54 72